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Online Registration for the Spring 2024 season is closed for all divisions except Juniors and Seniors!

Time to get the kiddos signed up for the Spring 2024 season! We are pre-registering online through January 28th; spots available are first come, first serve, and more will open up as we have additional volunteers for the manager (head coach) positions in each division. There may be the opportunity for late registration after January 28th if spots are available. We will only be offering online at this time. 

Not sure what league age is? League age for baseball is the player's age as of the August 31, 2024. For softball, it's the player's age as of December 31, 2023. These ages are a general guide for determining what division your child will be in, although there will be times the players do not follow the normal parameters or the skills assessment determines where the child is placed to be successful.

As always, we need volunteers to coach the kiddos, including managers (head coaches) and assistant coaches. Volunteer positions are also available for umpires, the concession stand, team parent, and fields/grounds. Please sign up and note that registering is the first step; approval of volunteers by the board is the second step:). Background checks must be done each spring, even if performed the prior fall, per Little League guidelines. 

Cost [includes full uniform - pants, belt if applicable, team jersey, socks, hat/visor]

·       T-Ball: $100 

·       Baseball and Softball (all divisions): $125 

·       Family Cost: $50 for the third and more child(ren) per family 

·       We accept cash, check (payable to WLL), and all major credit cards

There is an early bird discount of $5 for those who pre-register by December 31, 2023.

Division Ages (General Guidelines) 



League Ages




4s, 5s, and those 6s playing for first time


Coach Pitch Baseball - "A"


6s*, 7s, some 8s

Coach Pitch

Modified Kid Pitch Baseball (if enough players register for each CP division) - "AA" (spring season only)

Mostly Boys

Few 7s, most 8s, some 9s

Player/Coach Pitch 

Minor Baseball - "AAA"

Mostly Boys

Few 8s, most 9s, most 10s, and possibly few 11s

Player Pitch (46’)

Major Baseball

Mostly Boys Some 10s, mostly 11s and 12s
Player Pitch (46')

Junior Baseball

Mostly Boys

Very few 12s, mostly 13s and 14s, possibly some 15s

Player Pitch (60')

Senior Baseball Boys Few 14s, mostly 15s and 16s
Player Pitch (60’)

Coach Pitch Fast-Pitch Softball


6s*, 7s, and 8s

Coach Pitch (35')

Minor Fast-Pitch Softball


8s, 9s, and 10s

Player/Some Coach Pitch (first 1/2 of the season) (35’)

Major Fast-Pitch Softball


Few 10s, mostly 11s and 12s

Player Pitch (40’)

 Senior Fast-Pitch Softball Girls Very few 12s; 13s, 14s, 15s, and 16s Player Pitch (43’)
  * Must have played at least one spring season of tball

Skills Assessments (aka "tryouts") 
Skills assessments for coach pitch through majors (baseball and softball) will be on Saturday, February 3rd at Denbigh HS. The full schedule will be provided at a later date. Junior baseball skills assessments are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 24th at Gildersleeve MS.

Uniforms/Paperwork Submittal
Players will get fitted during the skills assessments on February 3, and have the opportunity to submit required paperwork (proofs of residency or school enrollment forms) at that time. The forms can also be scanned and submitted during the online registration process. 

Practice and Game Schedules
Practices may start as early as February 12 for coach pitch through majors, weather dependent. Tball will start later in February. Please note that some managers will practice more, some less, according to their availability. Opening day for most divisions is Saturday, March 23, 2024

Player Eligibility
Players must live or go to school in our boundary, which covers all of Newport News on the Warwick side of the railroad tracks that run down the middle of the city. Three proofs of residency, as detailed below, can be submitted OR a school enrollment form signed by the administration at the school he/she attends.


Residence shall be established and supported by documents containing the full residence which includes parent(s) or guardian(s) name, street address, city, state and zip code information, dated or in force between February 1 of the previous year (2023) and February 1 of the current year (2024), from one or more documents from EACH of the three Groups outlined below:

Group I

·         Driver’s License

·         School Records

·         Vehicle Records (i.e., Registration, Lease, etc.)

·         Employment Records

·         Insurance Documents

Group II

·         Welfare/Child Care Records

·         Federal Records (i.e., Federal Tax, Social Security, etc.)

·         State Records

·         Local (Municipal) Records

·         Support Payment Records

·         Homeowner or Tenant Records

·         Military Records

Group III

·         Voter’s Registration

·         Utility Bills (i.e., Gas, Electric, Water/Sewer, Phone, Heating, Waste Disposal)

·         Financial Records

·         Medical Records

·         Internet, Cable, or Satellite Records

IMPORTANT NOTE: Example – Three documents from the same Group (utility bill, cable bill, and bank statement) constitute only ONE document.

Players who established “residence” or “school attendance” for regular season and/or tournament prior to the 2017-2018 season using the Player Verification Form, and can produce the form with proper proofs and signatures, will be grandfathered and will NOT need to complete a new Player Verification Form.

A player will be deemed to attend school in the boundaries

·         The physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the boundaries established by the local league. Note: This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, or preschool or after school where a student participates outside of the primary school the player is enrolled.

“School attendance” refers to the (place) physical location the player in question attends school during the traditional academic year. Once established, a location of school attendance shall not be considered changed unless the child is enrolled and attends another school or is no longer enrolled in the previous school.

School attendance shall be established and supported by a document indicating enrollment for the current academic year, dated prior to October 1 of the current year and with the physical location of the school, from ONE of the following categories to determine school attendance by such player:

·         Official/Certified School enrollment record

·         The Little League-issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator (most common and easiest)



 If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

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